astoria VR Glasses

VR Headset Delivers

Mind-Blowing Experience

Get Ready To Escape Reality

360° Views
Feel part of the action with a 360° viewing

Fits All Smartphones
Compatible with all iPhones, Samsung and HTC

3D Experience
Experience up to 1080p 3D on your Smartphone Today

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Product Specifications 


Discover The Virtual Reality Experience
You’ve Been Waiting For


  • Dive into a world of 360° experiences unlike anything you've seen before
  • Play your favorite games with more immersive gameplay that will blow your mind
  • Explore beautiful destinations around the world that you've only dreamed about
  • Watch movies as if you own a movie theater on an IMAX screen
  • Enjoy endless entertainment with a library of over 300+ videos and games


  • Compatible with any smartphone (Android & iPhone)
  • T-Shaped headband designed for comfort
  • Adjustable focal distance
  • Over 300+ VR scenes and 3D apps
  • 360° Views for ultra-realistic experiences
  • 3D Experience up to 1080p for sharp resolution

Astoria vr Comparison

Astoria VR Fits All Phones Sized from 4.7" to 6.0"